Join the Crypto-Knife Signals affiliate program and earn like a legend

Start Your Own Business – Join our affiliate program.
Earn 20-40% Recurring Commissions on your affiliate sales.

Show Them the Right Signals

An affiliate marketing program is when a person is rewarded for a certain action.
These actions range from just directing people to a website, to signing up for certain services.
For the Crypto-Knife affiliate program, you’ll be converting other people to use our tried and tested tools.

Why Should I Join an Affiliate Program with Crypto-Knife Signals?

Here are some vital considerations for joining Crypto-Knife Signals affiliate program.

20-40% Commissions Per Sale

We strive to provide you with industry-leading commissions rates.

Recurring Revenue

You will continue making money on every renewal fee!

Weekly Payouts

Receive commissions payouts every 2 weeks to your Crypto Wallet.

Pssive Income

Earn money while you sleep.

Tracking and Analytics

Easy-to-use. You can track your clicks & conversions.

24/7 Live Support

We are always available to support you and respond to any queries that you might have.

Ranks & Bonuses

RankRequiermentsCommission Per saleRank Bonus
CaptainFree Registration20%-
Major20+ Referrals25%100$
Colonel40+ Referrals30%250$
General80+ Referrals40%600$

How to Get Started?

It’s just a simple 3-step process, and you’re on your way to starting your own business!

1. Register

Sign up for free and get an Affiliate Link

2. Promote

Share your link by posting it to your network.

3. Get Paid

Earn 20-40% recurring commissions on your affiliate sales.

Easy & Fast Withdrawals

How Do I Get Paid?

Our withdrawal process is easy and fast.
Every 2 weeks
The commission will transfer Automatically to your wallet account by USDT-TRC20 Protocol.