Crypto-Knife Signals

We are a group of traders focused on cryptocurrency market analysis and studies, our service is to provide access to our market studies and trades.

Crypto-Knife Signals is not an investment fund and we do not have association with any funds, we will never ask any members for funds and would strongly recommend being cautious about anyone asking for funds claiming to be us.

The results presented show a maximum variation of the cryptocurrency after the publication of our study, that is, from the entrance to the top. The percentages shown do not always reflect the actual gain, but the maximum fluctuation of the input and the highest target reached. In other words, the maximum possible potential gain in the operation.

Our service aims to offer the best cryptocurrency market studies, technical analysis, and signals. We do not guarantee any financial results based on our technical studies. The entire risk of the operations is the responsibility of each user.

Our study group is only allowed for individual people. We do not accept under any circumstances members who are part of companies.

Questions and more information on joining our study and analysis group contact us: